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Manufactures of Mining machines and Automatic Rigs & Equipment

Velson, Leader in the drilling sector in India, has been designing and manufacturing drilling rigs since 2011, with a constant and continuous research, in order to improve the efficiency, competitiveness and quality of our production.

Today, as the market demand is growing for the mining and construction equipment’s, the company has began to diversify its efforts by developing and manufacturing a wide range of drilling machinery for the mineral exploration and geotechnical markets. Applications – Blast hole drill machines, Core drilling Machines, Water well drilling rigs, Pilling Rig, compact water well rigs and Reverse circulation drilling.





We have Fully Automated Manufacturing Plant


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Velson Machining

We utilize both modern computerized CNC machines and traditional manual lathes and milling machines.

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Velson Fabrication

We have high-quality welding, Fabrication for manufacturing the drilling machine. Our skilled team ensure that only the highest quality standards with accredited quality systems.

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Velson Manufacturing

Our team are committed to Manufacturing & delivering outstanding, quality solutions to our customers with peerless results.

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