We are focused towards better thinking and better concepts and proud to be the manufacturers of automatic rigs, Exploration Drill and Blast hole Drilling machines

About us

Velson Founded in 2011, under the leadership of Mr.SENGOTTUVELU, who have been in drilling industry since 1998 working in various private & public sector projects all over India.

Velson is One of best manufacturers of drilling machines for mining,construction, geotechnical exploration, and water well drilling,Being the first Automatic drilling rig manufacturer in India.

We introduce the new machines for various applications with innovative products like Blast Hole dill machine, Automatic Water well drill Rig, Compact drill machines and Exploration drill Rigs


Our Manufacture

We manufacturer custom-built drilling machines as per the exact choice of end-users and everything we do is dedicated to the stratification of customers.

Our Machines

Velson Drilling rigs can be delivered in many different versions and if necessary customized to the customer’s needs. All machines have access to a powerful engine and hydraulic system. This makes it possible to power an impact

Our Quality

Velson approaches all its domestic & international customers with an emphasis on long term basis only, which means establishing a benevolent relationship directly with its end-users everlastingl Driven by customers requirements, Velson design and manufacture its products to provide up-to- date of world class performance & reliability. Our core strength is our team, All are young energetic techno crafts.