We are focused towards better thinking and better concepts and proud to be the manufacturers of automatic rigs and equipments

Velson Machining

In Velson we utilize both modern computerized CNC machines and traditional manual lathes and milling machines.

Using the latest CNC machining centres, we produce high quality components for our drilling machines

We pride ourselves on producing quality parts, utilising various inspection tools and ensuring the correct finish is acheived before Assembling

By providing in depth support and applying insight, experience and expertise, VELSON aims to get the maximum benefit from advanced manufacturing technologies.

Velson Fabrication

We have high-quality welding, Fabrication for manufacturing the drilling machine. Our skilled team ensure that only the highest quality standards with accredited quality systems.

Relying on the experience and high quality fabrication work of our engineer and technical staff we are able to provide quick, precise and quality solutions

Welding is the main focus of steel fabrication. Formed and machined parts are assembled and tack-welded in place, then rechecked for accuracy.

A variety of types of welding exist for use in different applications and for the range of metals used in manufacturing.

Velson Manufacturing

Our team are committed to Manufacturing & delivering outstanding, quality solutions to our customers with peerless results.

Our equipment meets the demand for rugged and dependable operations across all applications and environments.

Velson Drilling rigs are sophisticated and yet easy to operate in Complicated and urban surroundings

The rigs can be delivered in many different versions and if necessary customized to the customer’s needs. All machines have access to a powerful engine and hydraulic system. This makes it possible to power an impact

Velson Research & Development

Our dedication to quality and continued research and development, along with strong aftermarket support, have kept us in this leadership position

Velson established with a mission of bridging the gap between drilling sectors and customer’s needs.

We strive to accomplish our mission with the Research, Creativity and service

Our team are highly experienced in the Blast Hole drill and water well drilling sectors and are able to services for problem solving,process understanding,development of new process technologies.

Velson Quality

Velson have a true talented team for better Quality output,We are dedicated to improve the drilling technologies with our best quality

Quality philosophy in VELSON based on the concept of supplying perfect products to the customers through a strategy that is built around and aims for zero mistake operations during manufacturing

Velson quality management is designed, built, and continuously improved to satisfy internal and external customers and suppliers

Quality system in Velson is structured to prevent errors before it is seeded and accurately measure the outputs using talent and technology fit to the maximum needs