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Water Well Rigs - VELSON V3 Cisada I

Product Description

VELSON Cisada-i V3 Water-well drilling machine is an extraordinary machine for drilling in complicated areas such as inside the compound walls, under the roof of the buildings, made drilling on underground of the apartments. If there is not enough space in the underground then place the Cisada-i V3 machine on the first or second floor of the building and made drilling process, its design and performance help to make a drill at any place.

Technical Specifications

Water Well Rigs - VELSON V3 Cisada I
Application- 3” to 8” borehole to a depth of 400 Mtr DTH drill
Prime Mover- Prime mover crawler mounted rig with power from deck engine 180 hp @ 2400 RPM
Max. torque- 660 NM @ 1200-1900 RPM
Fuel tank capacity- 120 Liters
Turning radius- 0 Degree
Travel speed- 2.5 Km/hr
Travel Grade-ability- 350 Degree
Drilling rod diameter- 90 mm to 115 mm
Rod brake out- Hydraulic single cylinder breaking system
MAST- Standard mast, box type structure,
- Height -2.54 Mtr (9 ft)
- Rod handling capacity - 1.52 mtr (5 ft)
Rotary head- Rotary head powered by one hydraulic orbit motor
- Max torque – 3.8 kN
- Max speed – 0 to 130 Rpm
Rotary head travel length- 1700 mm
Master thumping- 600 mm UP & DOWN movement
Feed system- Hydraulic cylinder driven steel rope & chain system
Pull UP & Pull DOWN- Max Pull-up force – 11500 kgs
- Max Pull-up speed – 14 mtr/min
- Max Pull-down force – 8000 kgs
- Max Pull-down speed – 25 mtr/min
PTO- PTO Gear coupled with engine
Hydraulic system implement circuit- 200 kg/cm2 /(2850 psi)
Pilot circuit- 25 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Main pump flow capacity- 190 Lpm at 1700 Rpm
Hydraulic tank volume- 130 Gallon
Hydraulic oil cooler- 120 Lpm Fin type cooler with hydraulic fan
Stabilizer Jack’s- Four Hydraulic Jack with Box Type
Machine area dimensions- Length – 3400 mm
- Width – 1450 mm
- Height – 2100 mm
Total machine weight- 5200 kgs
Electrical circuit- 24 V Dc