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The VELSON water well drill is the most powerful product in India. Its design and performance help to make a drill at any place. The drill rig is available for LCV-Light Commercial Vehicle integration and mounting.

Product Description

Water Well Rigs - VELSON V4 Red Fox
Application- 6.5” borehole to a depth of 90 mtr
Prime Mover- Truck Mounted Rig with Power from Truck Engine
MAST- Box Type Structure
- Height – 5.7 mtr (18.7 ft)
- Rod Handling Capacity – 3.04 mtr(10 ft)
PTO- Manual Lever Operation
MAX. PULL UP FORCE- 3000 kgs
MAX. PULL UP SPEED- 40 mtr/min
MAX. PULL DOWN SPEED- 50 mtr/min
Hydraulic System- 130 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Oil Volume- 90 Gallon
Hydraulic Oil Cooler- 40 LPM Fin Type Cooler
Rotary Head- Rotary Head Powered by One Hydraulic Orbit Motor
- Max Torque – 2000 NM
- Max Speed – 0 to 160 rpm
Rotary Head Travelling length- 3600 mm
Water Injection Pump- Triplex Reciprocating Pump Powered by Hydraulic Motor
Breakout- Hydraulic Breakout
Rod Storage Capacity- 24. Nos(10 Feet Length)
Rod Changer- 10 ft Single Rod Handling
Top Winch- 750 kgs (lifting load capacity)