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Water Well Rigs - V7

Product Description

The drill rig consists of drill mast and air compressor in a single commercial truck. Accessories truck is also required to store the drilling tools and tackles.

Technical Specifications

Water Well Rigs - V7
Application- 6”to7.5” borehole to a depth of 458 mtr
Prime Mover- Truck Mounted Rig with power from Truck Engine through PTO gear box
Mast- Box Type Structure
- Maximum Capacity-30-tons(67200 lbs)
- Height- 9 mtr(29.5 ft)
Rod Handling Length- Rod handling Capacity of 6.1 mtr(20 ft)
Drill Rod Diameter- 108 mm – 114 mm
MAX.PULL UP FORCE- 13500 kgs(29762 lbs)
MAX.PULL UP SPEED- 30.5 mtr/min(98 ft/min)
MAX PULL DOWN FORCE- 9000 kgs(19841 lbs)
MAX PULL DOWN SPEED- 45 mtr/min(147 ft/min)
PTO- Mounted on Centre propeller Shaft
Feed System- Hydraulic Cylinder driven steel rope & Pully System
Hydraulic System- 210 kg/cm2(3000 psi)
Hydraulic Oil Volume- 200 Gallon
Hydraulic Oil Cooler- 70 LPM Fin Type Cooler
Main Pump Flow- 230 Lpm
Rotary Head- Rotary head is powered by one Hydraulic Motor
- MAX. Torque – 3.8 KN
- MAX. Speed - 200 Rpm
Winch- Lifting Load Capacity - 750 kgs
Water Injection Pump- Triplex Reciprocating pump powered by Hydraulic Motor
Operating Panel- Attached with Corner of the Truck
BREAKOUT- One Hydraulic Cylinder Operated
Guide Bed Diameter- 267 mm
Rod Changer- Single Rod Handling
Optional Attachment- Mud Pump & Welding Set