VELSON - V10 Ground Hog

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Blast Hole Drill - VELSON V10 Gound Hog

Product Description

We can provide the latest Blast hole drill machine with proven technology to all sizes of mining operations; from one rig short-term projects to multiple rigs with multiple drilling techniques.

Technical Specifications

Blast Hole Drill - VELSON V10 Gound Hog
Application- Blast Hole Drill
Hole Diameter- 3” to 8” (75mm to 200 mm)
Type of Drill- Down the Hole (DTH)
Depth- 100 mtr’s
Rod Handling Capacity- 9 mtr Single Stroke
Drill Rod Diameter- 60 mm to 115 mm
Rod Changer- Single Rod with Hydraulic Tilting (6 mtr)
MAX.PULL UP FORCE- 6000 kg’s
MAX.PULL UP SPEED- 40 mtr/min
Rotation Torque- 380 kg-mtr’s
Rotation Speed- 140 RPM
Feed System- Hydraulic Cylinder Driven Steel Rope & Chain System
Hydraulic Power- Excavator
MAX. Hydraulic Pressure- Pressure at Drilling Operation 210 kg/cm2
Required Drilling Flow in Hydraulic- 150 Lpm
Compressor On/Off- Inside the Operator Cabin
Compressor- On Board
Compressor Diesel Tank Capacity- 1050 Liters
Excavator- 20 Ton Class
Operating Panel- Inside Operator’s Cabin
Rear View- Rear Camera with display
Water Flow Capacity- 0 to 12 Lpm
Required Volume of Water- 1000 Cfm Compressor need 2.5 Liters
- Per Minute is sufficient to Control the Dust
Water Tank Capacity- 1600 Liters
Foot clamp- Hydraulic operated
Stabilizer- Level Stabilizer for four corners
Angle Indicator- Digital Angle Display (X & Y)
Foot clamp - Hydraulic operated
Fire control system- Automatic Fire suppression system
Emergency shut down- Emergency shutdown switches in four
- corners and in operator cabin
While Drilling- Track will be Locked in same Position
Marching Alert- Buzzer with Blinking Light
Operator Seat Belt- Yes
Machine Dimension
Length- 8200 mm
- 4200 mm
- 3950 mm