VELSON - V10 Drill Attachment Package

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Blast Hole Drill - VELSON V10 Blast hole Drill Attachments

Product Description

We can provide the drill rig attachments for various OEM Excavator from 14 ton -30 ton class. It can be useful for different mining operators in blast hole like core, iron ore, graphite, gold and etc. The CAPEX value and OPEX value will help the customer to reach their BEP within stipulated timeline. The horizontal drill rig is also available with us for rock bolting and soil nailing.

Technical Specifications

Blast Hole Drill - VELSON V10 Blast hole Drill Attachments
Application- Blast Hole Drill
Hole Diameter- 3” to 8” (75mm to 200 mm)
Type of Drill- Down the Hole (DTH)
Depth- 100 mtr’s
Drill Single stroke- 9 mtr
Drill Rod Diameter- 60 mm to 115 mm
Rod Changer- Single Rod with Hydraulic Tilting (6 mtr)
MAX.PULL UP FORCE- 6000 kg’s
MAX.PULL UP SPEED- 40 mtr/min
Rotation Torque- 380 kg-mtr’s
Rotation Speed- 140 RPM
Feed System- Hydraulic Cylinder Driven Steel Rope & Chain System
Hydraulic Power- Excavator
MAX. Hydraulic Pressure- Pressure at Drilling Operation 210 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity for Excavator- 370 Lpm
Required Drilling Flow in Hydraulic- 150 Lpm
Compressor On/Off- Inside the Operator Cabin
Compressor- On Board
Compressor Diesel Tank Capacity- 1050 Liters
Excavator- 20 Ton Class
Operating Panel- Inside Excavator’s Operator Cabin
Electrical- 24 V Dc
Rear View- Rear Camera with display
Water Flow Capacity- 0 to 12 Lpm
Required Volume of Water- 1000 Cfm Compressor need 3 Liters Per Minute is sufficient to Control the Dust
Water Tank Capacity- 1150 Liters
Fire Extinguisher- Mounted at Cabin Front
While Drilling- Track will be Locked in same Position
Marching Alert- Buzzer with Blinking Light
Operator Seat Belt- Yes