Solar - Pole hole Drill

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VELSON V10 GH300LCPD Pole Hole Drilling Attachment

Product Description

VESLON manufacturers the rig for specific the depth, diameter and spacing of the anchors based on the site conditions including soil type and environmental factors i.e., wind, precipitation, etc.
The principal loads that must be supported are the vertical or compression loads from the weight of the solar panels, and the uplift or tension load caused by wind and ground movement.
The dual motor options added advantage to maximise the productivity with tangible time line.
The helical piles and micro piles work well in compression and tension applications and are ideally suited for solar panel installation.

Technical Specifications

Specification of VELSON V10 GH300LCPD Pole Hole Drilling Attachment


: Pole Hole Drill

Hole Diameter

: 5” to 14”

Type of Drill

: Down the Hole (DTH)


: 25 mtrs

Drilling in single stroke

: 3 mtr

Master height

: 5170mm

Drill rod diameter

: 60 mm to 125 mm

Guide bed diameter

: 14”

Max. Pull up force

: 9000 kgs

Max. Pull down force

: 6300 kgs

Max. Pull up speed

: 40 mtr/min

Max. Pull down speed

: 70 mtr/min

Rotation torque

: 6000 NM

Rotation speed

: 90 RPM

Feed System

: Hydraulic cylinder driven steel rope & chain system

Hydraulic Power

: Excavator

Max. Hydraulic pressure

: Pressure at drilling operation 210 kg/cm2

Hydraulic pump flow capacity for excavator

: 370 Lpm

Required drilling flow in hydraulic

: 150 Lpm

Compressor On/Off

: Inside the operator cabin


: On Board

Compressor fuel tank capacity

: 1100 Liters

Master tilting

: Y Axis 50° vertical to both sides 25°


: 20 Ton class

Operating panel

: Inside Excavator’s operator cabin


: All wiring & lighting harness



Fire Extinguisher

: Mounted at cabin front

While drilling

: Track will be locked in same position

Marching alert

: Buzzer with blinking light

Operator seat belt

: Yes