Underground Drill

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Technical Specifications

Machine Model : VELSON D150E
Application- Underground Drill
Drilling method- Water hammering
Drilling Diameter- 100 / 150 mm
Drill Depth- 150 Meter
Water pressure- 200 LPM @ 200 Bar
Water swivel-Top of the rotary head
Drill rod length- 2 meter
Drill rod Diameter- 90 mm
Rotary head
RPM- Max. 120
Torque- 3000 N-m
Pull up force - 7500Kgs
Pull down force- 3700Kgs
Drive system- Chain
Guidebed diameter- 200 mm
Travel length- 2.5 meter
Electrical System
Electrical Circuit Control- 24 Volt DC
Drive system- Electrical
Motor- 75hp @ 1440 rpm
Voltage (Operating)- 415 / 3 Phase
Starter- Star Delta
Hydraulic system
Pressure- 200 bar
Main pump- Variable displacement pump
Auxiliary pump- Gear rotation pump
Steel Cable Length- Pilot operated
Cooling system
Type- Electric 415V oil cooler
Mounting type- Crawler
Speed- 2 Kmph
Ground Clearance- 170mm
Gradability- 35%
Out riggers / Outside jack- Four corner

Drill Mast
Drill Mast Length- 3.90 Meter
Drill Mast Projection @ Max- 2.5 feet
Drilling angle- 5 Degree & 90 Degree
Drill mast dumping- 600mm
Breakouter- Single hydraulic cylinder
Safety Measure
Switch for Shut-off- Four sides
Auto shut off for hydraulic system- Level low
Electrical Safety- Single phase preventer
Leakage  / ELR - Earth leakage relay- Auto shut-off / trip
Machine Size
Width- Four sides
Height- Level low
Length- Single phase preventer
Weight- 4.5 ton