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Exploration - VELSON Grade Control Drilling machine

Product Description

VESLON manufactures & sells the GC Rig for mineral exploration purpose, The Grade control is the process of drilling holes, usually in close proximity to check the quality & grade of the ore while mining is underway. This is commonly carried out after the ore body has been identified and is used to help define the mine model.

Technical Specifications

Exploration - VELSON Grade Control Drilling machine
Application- RC Grade Control
Capacity- 54 meter - dia (128-150mm)
Drilling angle- 45 – 90 degrees
Prime mover- Crawler mounted drill unit powered from deck engine 180hp @1800 Rpm
Crawler type- Long crawler (LC)
Gradeability- 30 degree @ mast down condition
Travel speed- 2.5kmph
Maximum traction force- 290kn
Marching and Operator cabin- Air cooled cabin on left front corner
Ground clearance- 350mm
MAST- Box section heavy lattice structural steel construction
- Overall length - 9.5 meter
- Travel length - 7.25 meter
- Rod handling -6 meter
Rod changer- Hydraulic operated rod handling system @ vertical and inclined position
Rod changer Rod carrying capacity- Holding capacity 6meter length -9 no’s (9x6=54 meters)
Feed system- Double acting hydraulic cylinder with steel rope driven system
- Max. Pull up force - 19000kgs
- Max. Pull up speed - 40 m/min
- Max. Pull down force - 11000kgs
- Max. Pull down speed - 60 m/min
Mast Raising Cylinder- Two Hydraulic cylinders
Rotation head- Powered by two hydraulic motors
- Max. Rotation – 140 RPM (Range 60-140)
- Max. Torque – 6660 N-m
Break-out wrench- Hydraulic operated Brake out wrench with foot clamp
Hydraulic main pump- Variable displacement pump 250 bar
Auxiliary pump- Gear pump 200 bar
Water and foam pump- Triplex piston type 56 lpm
Auto feed- Fine control for Rotary head travel speed
Leveling jacks- Hydraulic leveling jacks with box type guide
Cyclone- In volute cyclone for wet and dry condition with cone splitter
Emergency shutdown switch- Available in four corners
Air compressor- 900cfm@350psi or 1100cfm@300psi
Machine dimension- Length:11250 mm
- Width:2900mm
- Height:4700mm
- Weight:28000kgs(approx.)
Fire Suppression- Auto Fire Suppression (25 kg) @ 8 Nozzle