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Bore Well Rigs

the velson industries water well drill is the most powerful product in India. Its design and performance helps to make a drill at any place. Velson Industries mining drilling machine model, the velson industries mining and piling drill is the most powerful smart product in india.

Product Description

Bore Well Rigs - Velson V4i
Capacity6" to 7.5"" borehole to a depth of 375 mtr (1200 ft)
Prime MoverTruck mounted rig with power from truck engine through PTO Gear box
MastBox type structure
Max Capacity - 17.5 tons
Height - 4.9mtr (16.07ft)
Rod handling capacity – 3.04mtr (10 ft)
Pull Up and Pull DownMax Pull up force - 9000Kgs
Max pull up speed - 30.5mtr/min(98ft/min)
Max pull down force - 6000kgs
Max pull down speed - 45 mtr/min(147ft/min)
Hydraulic System180 kg / cm2(2610 PSI)
Hydraulic Oil Cooler70 LPM fin type cooler
Rotary HeadRotary head powered by One hydraulic orbit motor
Max torque – 3 KN
Max speed - 200 rpm
Water Injection PumpTriplex  reciprocating  pump powered by hydraulic motor
Operating Panel TypeAttached with corner of the Truck