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Water Well Rigs

Velson Industries fully automated rod handling drilling machine with tilted master model, the velson industries water well drill is the most powerful product in India. Its design and performance helps to make a drill at any place. Velson Industries mining drilling machine model, the velson industries mining and piling drill is the most powerful smart product in india.

Product Description

Water Well Rigs - Velson V9
Capacity6" to 7.5" borehole to a depth of 450 mtr (1500 ft)
Pilling :1000MM UPTO 25mtr Direct Mud Circulation
Prime MoverTrack mounted Rig with power from Deck Engine
MastBox type structure
Height – 5.7 mtr (18.7 ft)
Rod handling capacity – 3.04 mtr (10ft)
Pull Up and Pull DownMax Pull up force – 10250kgs
Max Pull up speed – 32 mtr/min (105 ft/min)
Max Pull down force – 4500 kgs
Max Pull down speed – 50mtr/min (164ft/min)
Hydraulic System200 kg / cm2 / (2900 psi)
Hydraulic Oil Cooler70 LPM fin type cooler with fan 500 cfm
Rotary HeadRotary head powered by one
hydraulic orbit motor
Max Torque – 3KN
Max Speed –  0 to 160 rpm
Water Injection PumpTriplex  reciprocating  pump powered by hydraulic motor
Operating Panel TypeAttached with corner of the Skid.
BreakoutHydraulic Breakout
Skid MovementSkid movement operated by remote
Optional attachmentMud Pump & Welding Set